Building Your Practice One Womb at a Time

Want to create a massive impact on your community? Love to serve people and watch healthy families grow? Do pregnant belies and newborn babies bring you joy? Yeah, me too! So I decided to share some of the knowledge and experience gained over the past 19 years to help fast track you toward the practice - and life - of your dreams!

Welcome to the Online Course "Building Your Practice One Womb at a Time". I'm excited to share with you my choice selection of ideas and strategies that have helped the students I teach and the doctors I have the privilege of mentoring build the practice of their dreams. Practices full of pregnant moms, babies, children and happy families thriving under Chiropractic care.

Feel free to drop a comment under the videos sharing your questions, thoughts, your "I wish I knew that sooner" or your "A-Ha!" moments. We are a small but mighty profession with a vision big enough to change the world. But big visions need to be backed up by strategic actions - and that's exactly what you'll find in this course. Ideas, action steps, and implementable strategies to help you and your team take action with the right intentions.


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