How to Juggle It All

Struggling to find your balance in life? Maybe you need to throw your hands up and learn to juggle instead. Between work, family, kids and commitments, side hustles and fitness and a little down time here and there - life can get hectic.

Balance is like an elusive, almost mythical being, like a unicorn - we all totally loved unicorns - and balance beams for that matter - as kids. But here in the real world of deadlines and bills and chaotic schedules and trying to carve out time and space for your dreams, it's easy to slip off that balance beam while daydreaming about unicorns, and bubble baths, and spa time, and oh wait - their little fingers are reaching under the bathroom door to get you. MOM! Can't I just have a minute of privacy here?

You know the routine - now let's change it up so that you can get a lot more enjoyment out of this whole "I am woman; hear me roar" do it all, multitasking insanity we somehow bought into. 


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