Online Speakers Workshop

Ever felt like there should be more women speaking on stage and teaching online?

Want to improve your communication skills AND learn how to share your message with your ideal market?

Imagine if you came up in a world where women's voices were heard and celebrated. Imagine the impact you would have felt watching other women pave the pathway towards success ahead of you. Imagine what it would mean to the girls and young women out there who are desperately seeking mentors and leaders they can truly identify with. 
If you've been waiting for your turn, hoping someone would ask you to step up, or have been putting in the effort without seeing the results you desire, then it's time to get the extra little nudge that will help you share your message. You've got something to share, Isn't it time you took the right action steps to get your message heard?

Then you'll want to check out our collaborative effort with the League of Chiropractic Women as we present the Writer's and Speaker's Bureau. In our Online Speakers Workshop, participants will learn through recorded videos, downloadable worksheets and live workshops as we connect through a private Facebook group where you can post your progress, receive insightful feedback, ask questions and learn alongside other women speakers.

You will learn and workshop on the following essentials for any speaker:

Week 1 – How to craft an engaging introduction and how to vary your intro based on different scenarios

Week 2 – Gain clarity on your most impactful topics, and why they matter

Week 3 – Determining your ideal market and understanding what they need from you

Week 4 – How to speak into your market’s value systems to win their attention

Week 5 – How to build customizable talks for your various audiences around your most powerful topics

Week 6 – Connecting with decision makers to consistently get you in front of the right audiences

Women's Voices Matter is proud to collaborate with The League of Chiropractic Women to present the Writer's and Speaker's Bureau Online Speakers Workshop.



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