52 Weekly Social Media Video Campaign

Wouldn't it be great if every person who entered your Chiropractic practice had a better understanding of what you do? Imagine automating your community education with done-for-you videos that are posted every week - and YOU don't have to write scripts, hire a videographer or an editing team, or remember to post each week. 

We've done the hard part already. 

52 Different Weekly Topics - Check

Professionally Recorded Brief Educational Videos - Check

Uploaded Each Week Onto Your Office Facebook Page - Check

And you get to relax knowing that you've automated a big chunk of your Attraction-Education-Retention pipeline to help you get and keep your new patients.

Plus - you can also choose to forward, e-mail or text any of the videos to any of your contacts. Have a patient with a specific question? Forward them one of our videos. Have a patient with a co-worker that needs a little more info before they schedule an appointment? Forward them a video, too. Let these 52 weekly social media videos help you reach more people so collectively, we can truly make an impact on the world. 


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