Miami Mastermind - Limited Spots Available

January 27th - January 29th


If you want to help foster a sense of connection and change lives...

If you are willing to create an environment in your office where people  WANT TO COME to feel that connection with you and your work...

If you’re ready to be the catalyst so they can truly flourish and realize their fullest potential...

You need skills to develop better connections, and the people who are desperate for your help are waiting for you to reach out and save them.

Do you have a big vision and a desire to help others? Could you use a little clarity and guidance on your projects? Been busy sowing and ready to start reaping?  We are bringing together multi-tasking, side-hustling, leaders to share our skills, learn, grow and build a solid network to support you.


  • Experiential Learning
  • Clarification Exercises
  • Instructional Sessions
  • Implementation Workshop
  • Stay together in a fun Miami home
  • Meals & Activities together
  • Registration includes Brunches, Healthy Snacks, Drinks, Accommodations, Sessions

For your convenience, you may make 1 payment of half now and have the remaining balance charged automatically in 30 days. 

Details on how to prepare and what to bring will be sent in the coming weeks. Space is limited as we will be staying together in a private home close to the  beach, the city and funky photo opportunities in sunny Miami. Food sensitivities and allergies will be handled appropriately. 



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