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Ever tried to get a job, but they only hire people with experience? It's a lot like trying to speak your truth, but they only want someone with a following. Sure, you need to practice, and show up, and make a name for yourself. But there are people who are willing to help fast track your success. And they're right here.

Ever noticed you’re surrounded by a sea of men out there? We’re not saying that’s a bad thing necessarily, but have you ever felt like the room could use just a touch more estrogen?
Maybe it’s at a seminar where there are 29 men speaking on the main stage and one female teaching a breakout session down the hall. Maybe you’ve been in a board room or association meeting and looked around to realize – “hmmm I’m the only woman here”. And maybe, just maybe, you’ve had a new client walk in and ask YOU where the owner is. I know right?
It happens…and it will keep happening if someone doesn’t do something about it.
I’ve got a little secret for you. Shhhh. Look around you right now. They’re not coming. You know, the “someones”. I promise. I checked everywhere. The “someones” are not coming. Because the “someones” are already here. They’re us. You and me and all the other fabulous women who have been working their butts off in their corner of the world making it a better place.
So we’re asking you – no we’re counting on you – to help pave the way. Collectively. To put more women on boards. To help women reach new levels of success. To inspire women to achieve financial independence. To demand more women’s voices be heard - not with idle chit chat, but with our buying power and true support of each other.

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