Great Legs

fitness women's health Mar 04, 2019

Finally!  Spring is coming.  Time to bring out the Capri pants and shorts in preparation for summer.  If you’ve been exercising all winter long, go ahead and reward yourself with a pedicure, some sandals and your best pair of shorts and go out with your friends. 

If you feel like you’ve got a bit more work to do before getting into your favorite shorts, don’t despair – you’ve still got time.  Memorial Day Weekend is about 7 weeks away, and that means with the right workout, you’ve got time to safely and easily lose about 7 – 11 pounds before then. 

Here’s my “Great Legs” routine that is sure to give you the results you desire:

Cardio – Start and end each day with a minimum of 6 minutes of light cardio such as walking, stationary bicycle or cycling.  Shoot for a maximum of 20 minutes every morning and evening to help your body burn fat for its fuel source.  It’s very...

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The Importance of Fiber

fitness women's health Feb 25, 2019

Did you know that the average American consumes approximately five to eight grams of fiber per day?  Most people get their fiber from bran muffins, fruits and vegetables.  Care to take a guess how many grams of fiber a typical adult should consume?  Twenty-five to thirty-five grams per day.  That’s right – four to five times more than the average person already consumes.

As the cold temperatures are slowly starting to give way to some sunny days, let’s prepare for the coming of Spring in March, which is National Colorectal Awareness Month.  There is no better way to protect yourself from colorectal diseases than to ensure that you get enough fiber each day. 

Your body is designed with specific reflexes that are subconscious, innate abilities.  That means you were born with these reflexes, you did not have to learn them.  The most recognizable example of a reflex is your Patellar Tendon Reflex, the knee jerk reaction. ...

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Alcohol, I Let It Go

“I decided to stop, just like that.”  Dr. Denise Chranowski

One day I said to my mentor and coach, “I want to be a better example to my sons and I know I’m setting a bad example with drinking.”  My coach said that I should stop if I want to stop for me, not for my sons and then he said, “I know one day I’ll stop drinking. I’m just not sure when that day will be.”

It hit me square between the eyes.  It seemed so crystal clear. The day for me had arrived, August 7, 2017.  I stopped drinking all alcohol, my beloved chardonnay and sweet cosmos became a thing of the past.  I knew in my heart that this was a permanent decision. I also wanted to cement the decision. I found two books on Amazon and downloaded them to my Kindle.  I didn’t want this to be painful. I just wanted it to be permanent. I didn’t want to have to attend meetings. I didn’t want to make this a big deal. I just wanted...

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Bringing ADIO Home

Bringing ADIO (Above, Down, Inside, Out) Home

When I’m asked to share about the bridges that brought me to my convictions and passions about the chiropractic lifestyle, I can only point to my personal story and the many pieces that knit together what has become my life’s work.

Having been raised by a mother who found her passion for midwifery during the years of my childhood I remember most, I learned to trust my body. Her courage and passion took us hundreds of miles from “home” to study and earn her CPM. As a single mom whose social network became her classmates, her children (myself and younger brother) tagged along to her “grown up gatherings” where birth videos were the centerpiece, shared and discussed. In the same way I heard men talk about sports, with great interest and energy, I heard my mother and her friends talk about birth. Birth, our bodies, and the design of our bodies was always portrayed as “normal” and...

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Exposing the Culture of Birth

women's health Jun 03, 2018

When did women forget they were built for this? That their bodies are strong and capable of birthing babies the natural way...without drugs, without surgery, without medical interventions.

Over the past 60 years, birth has come to be treated as a scary medical procedure that must be overseen by a team of doctors and surgeons. The birth process is a rite of passage, a turning point in a woman's life, the introduction of a woman to her most powerful self. Birth is empowering when women are able to feel their bodies work.

So why have we taken that away? Made them feel inadequate, weak, frail and dependent on the system? Can we change for the better - or have we been numbed into a new normal?


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