Ladies - Know Your Value

Your stock has gone up - whether you realize it or not.

People want what you have. Corporations and associations need your energy, your thoughts, your leadership and your business. Collectively, we need your buying power to move mountains and garner attention for causes we all can agree on. 

For too long, women have gone unnoticed in the business world, unrecognized in leadership roles, under-acknowledged for their contributions and underappreciated for their work raising children and taking care of the home. Finally we have come upon a time when women are joining together, in collaboration rather than in competition, and are beginning to realize the value of their time, energy and efforts.

So let me ask you - what is your time worth? Your ideas? Your experience?

If you had to hire someone to do the work you do, at the level you do it - what would that cost? 

If you're a mom who takes care of the house and the family as you rush to get everyone out the door, you are...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies with Mia Mahaney


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What does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mean?

Why does it matter?

When you think about any large corporation, chances are they have incorporated some type of CSR strategy - now of course, some of those companies are better at implementing

What it looks like on a smaller-scale

5 steps to begin building a CSR strategy for your business

To sum it all up:

  • Why does it matter? Why is it good for companies?
  • And, to begin building a CSR strategy you need to:

What does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mean?

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the ways in which businesses give back to the community.
  • It is a type of voluntary self-regulation that promotes the company’s ethics and values while furthering social good. 

Why does it matter?

  • Studies show that CSR is not only good for workplace culture, employee performance, engagement, and retention, but also, that nearly 80% of Americans...
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Anger: When I Try To Name The One Thing, All The Other Things Line Up Behind It


Maybe I’m old fashioned, but it makes me angry when people don’t mean what they say. It makes me angry when people think I should be okay with broken promises and unkept commitments. I am not. I will not be. And I will not apologize for my “high standards.” Without integrity, there is no basis for communication, let alone accountability and responsibility.

It makes me angry that people think “obligation” is a dirty word everyone should be free from. An entire industry called “self help” profits from people’s fear of accountability. Here’s all the self-help you need: take responsibility for your shit, mean what you say and follow through.

It makes me angry when I tell people about a difficulty I’m having with another person and they try to guess what the others involved are thinking instead of listening to ME, the person right in...

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To #MeToo or Not To #MeToo Should Not Be The Question

In October this year, I scrolled through about five pages’ worth of Facebook statuses saying only “Me too.” A hashtag began to appear before the phrase. It was three or four days before I was able to figure out what was going on. I would say I’m relatively informed, so it was unusual for me to be so clueless. Even after much reading, I have to say I’m confused. I’ve come articles explaining #MeToo as a social media campaign to raise awareness about sexual assault, a way for women to take their power back over something they’d long been silent about, the beginning of the move from social movement to social change. I’ve read denouncements of the campaign’s exclusion of male sexual assault victims. I’ve tried to keep track of the various spin-off campaigns. Articles detailing various women’s hesitation about whether to post #MeToo, deliberating whether solidarity was a good enough reason to post or demanding that those...

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The Flaw With #metoo

It started off with good intentions, and the movement has certainly had a resounding impact. There are the well publicized stories of highly paid celebrities and decision makers being ousted from their coveted jobs. Our hearts broke as we watched the female gymnasts come forward en masse to testify against the deranged doctor who stole the innocence from these young girls while their parents sat by, sometimes in the same room, dreaming of Olympic gold medals.

Executives and upper level management started to panic over who would be called out next. And they should have been worried. Because the truth was bigger than a hashtag. The truth was that we, as a society, have tolerated, accepted, even participated in what some tried to call frat boy talk. And this behavior toward women and girls was so pervasive that we were almost lulled into believing it was a societal norm.

I remember as a teen wondering why PG movies would show topless women, but they would never show nude men. Were...

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Stop the Bullying

At a previous job in 2014, there was a trio of women that I witnessed taunting and disrespecting a temporary employee because he supposedly had been constantly staring at them. The ring leader tried to encourage me to join in by telling me that he was staring at me as well. I never witnessed him doing any of the things to them that they had accused him of doing but I witnessed them doing those things to him.

He never bothered anyone and was very grateful to have that job because his wife had been the sole provider for their family while he looked for work. I came to work one morning and was introduced to the temporary employee replacement. He lost his job because of the lies they told on him. I immediately went to management and reported what I had witnessed and also told how the one employee tried to encourage me to join in with the taunting of that employee, I then became a target and they started spreading rumors about me professionally as well as personally and trying to...

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