Creating a Culture of Girl Power


How do we empower today’s women and girls to overcome the culture of girl on girl competition? Well, first and foremost, we must acknowledge that it exists, and has been taught. Then, we have to inspect our role in perpetuating the issues. Whether blatantly intentional or completely (maybe even blissfully) subconscious, each of us plays a role in our current situation. Once we can accept this realization, we can focus our efforts toward creating a more balanced future.

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Opportunities Exist for All of Us - So Hold the Door Open


How often have you been made to feel like you are competing with every other woman for the same position? Is there really only ONE spot available? How would having more diversity shape the future of business, education, technology?

Let's create a culture of inclusivity, not exclusivity. Where ideas are shared and collaboration becomes the currency. Because if we truly want to change the world, we've got to start including the 50% of the population that historically has not had a seat at the table. 

It begins with us, as women, modeling collaborative behaviors. To our colleagues, in our networks and especially in front of our children.



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