Great Legs

fitness women's health Mar 04, 2019

Finally!  Spring is coming.  Time to bring out the Capri pants and shorts in preparation for summer.  If you’ve been exercising all winter long, go ahead and reward yourself with a pedicure, some sandals and your best pair of shorts and go out with your friends. 

If you feel like you’ve got a bit more work to do before getting into your favorite shorts, don’t despair – you’ve still got time.  Memorial Day Weekend is about 7 weeks away, and that means with the right workout, you’ve got time to safely and easily lose about 7 – 11 pounds before then. 

Here’s my “Great Legs” routine that is sure to give you the results you desire:

Cardio – Start and end each day with a minimum of 6 minutes of light cardio such as walking, stationary bicycle or cycling.  Shoot for a maximum of 20 minutes every morning and evening to help your body burn fat for its fuel source.  It’s very...

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The Importance of Fiber

fitness women's health Feb 25, 2019

Did you know that the average American consumes approximately five to eight grams of fiber per day?  Most people get their fiber from bran muffins, fruits and vegetables.  Care to take a guess how many grams of fiber a typical adult should consume?  Twenty-five to thirty-five grams per day.  That’s right – four to five times more than the average person already consumes.

As the cold temperatures are slowly starting to give way to some sunny days, let’s prepare for the coming of Spring in March, which is National Colorectal Awareness Month.  There is no better way to protect yourself from colorectal diseases than to ensure that you get enough fiber each day. 

Your body is designed with specific reflexes that are subconscious, innate abilities.  That means you were born with these reflexes, you did not have to learn them.  The most recognizable example of a reflex is your Patellar Tendon Reflex, the knee jerk reaction. ...

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Dying To Be Thin

He sat in front of me in 8th grade English class. It seemed like he was always wearing those old style cowboy shirts - the ones with pearl snaps instead of buttons, big lapels and fancy Western yoke along the collar bones. Exactly the kind of shirt you’d expect kids to wear in the 70’s. Except this was the mid 80’s and the other kids in school just had to point that out.

Kids are mean, and these kids were brutal. If there was a way to rank schools on cruelty factors - THAT school would have won hands down. They teased him about his hair, his freckles, his shirts; they called him Howdy Doody or Roy Rogers.

One day, he turned around out of the blue and said “You know, it doesn’t really bother me when they call me Roy Rogers, Actually, I kinda like it. I love that show!” I’d never seen the show, but it was settled - from that day on I’d call him Roy when we walked into class, he’d smile, and we’d have a quick laugh.

In a sea...

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The Best 5 Fitness Apps That Will Motivate You

fitness Jun 12, 2018

Last November I was doing my Deep Dive Retreat for my business. I like to start my retreat by doing something physical out in nature to facilitate focus and clarity.

I chose Black Mountain, a steep hike about five minutes from my house. I had done it once or twice before with friends, and it seemed like a good place to get my mind right for the review of my business over the last year.

But it was the other thing I did that day that leads to our current discussion.

I tracked my hike on a fitness app called STRAVA. I had used STRAVA before for some inline skating training runs, but I had never used it for hiking.

I was just using it to get a feel of how long the hike took so that I would know for next time. But at the end of the hike, something happened.

I got to the bottom, and I saw my time for the round trip. Then I saw that there were segments already laid down for Black Mountain. I wondered, “What is a segment?”

A segment is when...

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