God's Masterpiece is You!

I’m an artist and a writer.  When I paint, I paint in phases.  I start with the base colors, then the accent colors, and then what I refer to as the OCD phase, where I take the painting down and keep touching it up.  A new color here.  More definition there.  At the very end, I put my signature on it and add a coat of varnish to protect it.

When I write, it seems like forever until I find just the right words.  I then agonize over them.  The grammar.  The punctuation.  Do I have it perfect?  It’s insane.

When I woke up this morning, the Lord had a message on my heart that I know is meant for someone besides me.  I’ve decided to type and let it flow – through HIM, without overthinking.  Without editing.

God is still painting the masterpiece of our lives.

I believe HE takes his brush and paints hardships so we can grow unshakeable faith.

HE paints people into our lives who love and nurture us so we can...

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How to Move On


Sometimes in life, you will feel the need to move on, whether it's your job, your friends, a relationship or a workout program that's no longer meeting your needs. And when you do, the best way is with a clean break so you can absolutely move toward something better.

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