Dying To Be Thin

He sat in front of me in 8th grade English class. It seemed like he was always wearing those old style cowboy shirts - the ones with pearl snaps instead of buttons, big lapels and fancy Western yoke along the collar bones. Exactly the kind of shirt you’d expect kids to wear in the 70’s. Except this was the mid 80’s and the other kids in school just had to point that out.

Kids are mean, and these kids were brutal. If there was a way to rank schools on cruelty factors - THAT school would have won hands down. They teased him about his hair, his freckles, his shirts; they called him Howdy Doody or Roy Rogers.

One day, he turned around out of the blue and said “You know, it doesn’t really bother me when they call me Roy Rogers, Actually, I kinda like it. I love that show!” I’d never seen the show, but it was settled - from that day on I’d call him Roy when we walked into class, he’d smile, and we’d have a quick laugh.

In a sea...

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Stop the Bullying

At a previous job in 2014, there was a trio of women that I witnessed taunting and disrespecting a temporary employee because he supposedly had been constantly staring at them. The ring leader tried to encourage me to join in by telling me that he was staring at me as well. I never witnessed him doing any of the things to them that they had accused him of doing but I witnessed them doing those things to him.

He never bothered anyone and was very grateful to have that job because his wife had been the sole provider for their family while he looked for work. I came to work one morning and was introduced to the temporary employee replacement. He lost his job because of the lies they told on him. I immediately went to management and reported what I had witnessed and also told how the one employee tried to encourage me to join in with the taunting of that employee, I then became a target and they started spreading rumors about me professionally as well as personally and trying to...

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How Are You Willing To Show Up?


What energy are you showing up with every day? If you're ready to experience more out of life, Dr. Janice Hughes shares great tips from her years of coaching professionals to help you step up to the next level.

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Why Should YOU Be You?


Whether you are just starting out in business or working to re-energize and re-brand yourself, authenticity and congruency are key aspects of success. Listen along as Dr. Jessica Harden discusses how to be yourself in an ever-changing business climate. 

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God's Masterpiece is You!

I’m an artist and a writer.  When I paint, I paint in phases.  I start with the base colors, then the accent colors, and then what I refer to as the OCD phase, where I take the painting down and keep touching it up.  A new color here.  More definition there.  At the very end, I put my signature on it and add a coat of varnish to protect it.

When I write, it seems like forever until I find just the right words.  I then agonize over them.  The grammar.  The punctuation.  Do I have it perfect?  It’s insane.

When I woke up this morning, the Lord had a message on my heart that I know is meant for someone besides me.  I’ve decided to type and let it flow – through HIM, without overthinking.  Without editing.

God is still painting the masterpiece of our lives.

I believe HE takes his brush and paints hardships so we can grow unshakeable faith.

HE paints people into our lives who love and nurture us so we can...

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Perspective, Truth and Reality


When you truly do what you love, and see life through passion-filled eyes, you will create the reality you desire. Dr. Deb spoke at LifeVision on improving your self talk, creating the right mindset and changing perspective to help you take action.

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The Best 5 Fitness Apps That Will Motivate You

fitness Jun 12, 2018

Last November I was doing my Deep Dive Retreat for my business. I like to start my retreat by doing something physical out in nature to facilitate focus and clarity.

I chose Black Mountain, a steep hike about five minutes from my house. I had done it once or twice before with friends, and it seemed like a good place to get my mind right for the review of my business over the last year.

But it was the other thing I did that day that leads to our current discussion.

I tracked my hike on a fitness app called STRAVA. I had used STRAVA before for some inline skating training runs, but I had never used it for hiking.

I was just using it to get a feel of how long the hike took so that I would know for next time. But at the end of the hike, something happened.

I got to the bottom, and I saw my time for the round trip. Then I saw that there were segments already laid down for Black Mountain. I wondered, “What is a segment?”

A segment is when...

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Old Boys Still Run the Banks

My husband ended our marriage when I was 6 weeks pregnant with our second child. Five months later, he still refused to leave the house I had been paying the mortgage on for the last 3 years. Stress wise, I had to go. So I rented a flat in another town.  A year after my daughter was born, I had sucked up a 50% split of the finances, three court custody appearances, and more stress than I could have ever imagined.

After all of  that, I began to look for a new home, just to get back on the ladder with what little deposit I had. I didn’t qualify for any deals as I had previously owned a home (not a first time buyer).

The first approval I had was pulled with no good reason given, but three weeks later, I finally got a mortgage company (the banks would not even look at me) to agree to a much smaller mortgage, so I could buy a one bedroom flat in town.  It was a start, and it would be mine, no more landlords or agents. The day before I was meant to exchange (pay the...

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Male Brain Versus Female Brain...and Other Anatomical and Decision Making Differences


Join Dr. Jenna Davis as she sheds light on how to effectively work with some of the differences between men and women.

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How to Move On


Sometimes in life, you will feel the need to move on, whether it's your job, your friends, a relationship or a workout program that's no longer meeting your needs. And when you do, the best way is with a clean break so you can absolutely move toward something better.

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