WVM Mission Statement - Because...Ya Know


Women’s Voices Matter (WVM) was founded for the purpose of supporting, empowering and collaborating with women.  We are bringing together women from diverse backgrounds to foster mutually beneficial networking, mentoring and work opportunities, as well as collective career advancement for our members


Women’s Voices Matter strives to create a collaborative culture that empowers women with varying levels of experience, education and influence to learn from one another, grow together, build solid networks, mastermind, mentor, inspire, empower and support our members.

 This is not about competition, this is collaboration. Use every opportunity you can to catapult another woman toward success, and know that as you do so, others will be working to catapult you.

Givers gain, and those who participate frequently by sharing relevant, valuable content will be rewarded – after all, we are women and women love surprises.


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