Spring Cleaning Your Vision

How much easier would it be for you to focus on your target if all the clutter were cleared away? 

If deadlines and stress, piles of paperwork and to-do lists magically disappeared. Imagine if you could devote all of your time to the pursuit of one major goal. And once that was achieved, all your time, energy and resources could be focused on the next major goal...and so on. You would be so much more productive and we all would be achieving our goals at a more predictable pace.

Well reality usually sets in and we realize that we do still have deadlines and stress, piles of paperwork and to-do lists, and our family and career obligations, plus our social endeavors. But what if we could free up some time - even if it's just 15, 30 or 45 minutes a day? What could you accomplish with those accumulated minutes over the course of a week, a month, a quarter or the next year? The simple answer...a lot!

So I'm going to suggest that you do a little Spring Cleaning - for your VISION. Declutter, empty out and discard things that no longer fit, are out of date and haven't served you in a long time. Much like you'd empty out your closets and sort through the clothes you no longer need and put aside all of your must-haves, try doing this with your life.

What lists have accumulated that just seem to roll over from day to day, week to week and month to month? Either toss them and start new (bold, daring, scary and maybe a little too overwhelming for some people) or stack them up and create one new major list on your phone or in Google Drive so you can access and update it any time, from anywhere.  

Stacks of books and magazines are usually meant to inspire you, but can become a reminder of all you haven't accomplished and still "need" to do to keep up with Mrs. Jones. Rip out a few important articles, save a couple pictures, and recycle the rest - they are weighing you down mentally, and that is no way to fast track your success.

All those e-mails and self-help blogs and really trendy podcasts you keep flagging to remind you to read them someday...file them into categories on your phone or in your inbox. Then when you've got 5 minutes while you're waiting for something else, instead of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook or Instagram, peruse this treasure chest, pull out what serves you and delete when done. Think of these as produce - they've got a certain shelf life, and then they start to go bad...use them and move on.

Eliminate wasted time endlessly scrolling for something good and instead spend that time CREATING something GREAT. Sit down and type up a blog, write out a script, add to your book that you've been meaning to write, do a quick 5 minutes of exercise, organize some small aspect of your life. These small accomplishments will give you a sense of pride in getting a job done and will give you the mental uplifting you need to push forward and get more done. As with most aspects of life...the more you do, the more you can do. 

So declutter, reorganize, prioritize and get a clear view of what really matters to you. Make small time more valuable by using it wisely to work toward your goals, rather than wasting it zoning out and drifting further from your target.  Your dream life is out there, and it is not as far from your grasp as you think. 

Stop waiting. Start creating!


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