Ladies - Know Your Value

Your stock has gone up - whether you realize it or not.

People want what you have. Corporations and associations need your energy, your thoughts, your leadership and your business. Collectively, we need your buying power to move mountains and garner attention for causes we all can agree on. 

For too long, women have gone unnoticed in the business world, unrecognized in leadership roles, under-acknowledged for their contributions and underappreciated for their work raising children and taking care of the home. Finally we have come upon a time when women are joining together, in collaboration rather than in competition, and are beginning to realize the value of their time, energy and efforts.

So let me ask you - what is your time worth? Your ideas? Your experience?

If you had to hire someone to do the work you do, at the level you do it - what would that cost? 

If you're a mom who takes care of the house and the family as you rush to get everyone out the door, you are raising future adults to be productive members of society. Better than any boarding school or military academy, you are bringing your children up in a nurturing environment surrounded by love, patience and life lessons. You can't put a price tag on that.

If you are a working woman, you contribute to the day to day tasks that keep your company functioning, and profitable, allowing others in your business to also earn a living because of your efforts. Our impact on the work force has been increasing since the early days of Rosie the Riveter during World War 2, and companies are slowly realizing the true value of equal pay for equal work.  

You vote with your hard earned dollars for the products and services that cater to your needs, contributing to keep businesses profitable. You choose sports and activities for your family, and spend wisely to help fund small businesses, allowing your local economy to thrive. When you give back to your church, schools and organizations, realize that many of these groups would cease to exist without the support from you and your neighbors. 

There was a time when women were made to believe they had to compete with each other for that one coveted position, but now we are becoming more aware of the positive impact created when we come together. As we juggle more responsibilities and step into leadership roles more frequently, be mindful to not sell yourself short. You may be capable of multitasking, but that does not diminish the results you achieve through your efforts. Ask yourself "what would it cost, and how many hours would it take, to hire people to handle all of the tasks I tackle each day?"

When you can answer that honestly, with clarity, you'll have a better understanding of just how much your time is worth, which is a key factor in knowing your value. And when you truly know your value, you will be more aware of your time, energy and efforts so that you will never sell yourself short again.


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