How to Sell Without Being Salesy with Rupali Monga

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Like it or not, everyone is a salesperson at one point or another. We sell our thoughts and ideas, we sell our opinions and of course, sometimes we sell our products and services. In this episode, we speak with Rupali Monga about ways to sell without being salesy.

Just a few points we cover:
 * Pre-framing the audience before you make an offer
 * Creating an irresistible lead magnet
 * Creating an automated email nurture campaign to love up your prospects


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About our guest -
Rupali is a Digital Marketing Strategist and founder of EntreprenHER Academy, a consulting company teaching female coaches, consultants, and service providers how to become a client magnet using profitable marketing funnels.

Prior to starting her consulting company, she built a 6-figure business in the High Ticket Digital Education industry and grew sales for a Fortune 10 technology business by over 1 million dollars. She's led several teams to drive profitability, reduce costs, and manage financial risks throughout her 10 years in Corporate America working in the Investment Banking, Healthcare, and Technology sectors. She has an MBA in Brand Management and Organizational Strategy.



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