How to Be Seen & Heard In a Way That Feels Right For You with Rachel Kurzyp

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How can YOU be seen and get your message heard in this noisy environment? Without caving to the pressures of the external world so you can truly express yourself? Join us for the WVM Webinar with this week's guest Rachel Kurzyp.


For driven business women, professionals and mom-preneurs who have waited long enough for their opportunities, Dr. Cathy has brought together women leaders to educate and empower you to achieve your goals and create the life you desire. Because women's voices matter.

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About our guest -

Rachel Kurzyp is a copywriter, business coach, marketing consultant, speaker and teacher helping women blend who they are with what they do, build a thriving, profitable, and sought-after brand, and become known for their expertise in a way that feels right to them.



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