God's Masterpiece is You!

I’m an artist and a writer.  When I paint, I paint in phases.  I start with the base colors, then the accent colors, and then what I refer to as the OCD phase, where I take the painting down and keep touching it up.  A new color here.  More definition there.  At the very end, I put my signature on it and add a coat of varnish to protect it.

When I write, it seems like forever until I find just the right words.  I then agonize over them.  The grammar.  The punctuation.  Do I have it perfect?  It’s insane.

When I woke up this morning, the Lord had a message on my heart that I know is meant for someone besides me.  I’ve decided to type and let it flow – through HIM, without overthinking.  Without editing.

God is still painting the masterpiece of our lives.

I believe HE takes his brush and paints hardships so we can grow unshakeable faith.

HE paints people into our lives who love and nurture us so we can learn the true meaning of friendship.

HE strokes a splash of deceit from others so we can learn discernment.

HE piles on just the right amount of hurt from those we love to teach us forgiveness.  For some, this is a long process and takes many layers.

HE paints embarrassment and disappointment to teach us humility.

Those wrinkles and cellulite are painted to teach us self-love.

HE paints loss so we search for HIM in our grief.

HE paints trials & tribulations to strengthen our belief in HIM.

HE paints seasons of apathy and confusion so we learn to BE STILL.

HE paints the most beautiful sunrises so we never lose hope, and the gorgeous sunsets to remind us of HIS unfailing love for us.

When you feel like the world is falling apart, know HE is simply adding another layer of perfection.  Not all of HIS blessings come in pretty packages – in fact, the greatest gifts are usually in the valleys of our lives.  When we stop and realize that HIS will is always being carried out, we will finally learn to TRUST in the journey.

In the end, we can only hope that HE feels confident to brush that last coat of varnish on our lives, and whisper, “Welcome home, my good and faithful servant”.

May you be blessed today and always.

“Be brave, be kind, be bold, be fierce, be you”

About the Author:

Julie Shangle is an Executive Director with jBloom.  She believes “The meaning of life is to findyour gift and the purpose of life is to give it away.”  Julie’s gift is to help others see their own potential and then coach them in a way that helps them build a successful business around their every day lives.


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