How to Go Live with Kerianne Mellott

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What are your best options for going LIVE and connecting with your target market? Join us for the WVM Webinar with this week's guest Kerianne Mellott.

For driven business women, professionals and mom-preneurs who have waited long enough for their opportunities, Dr. Cathy has brought together women leaders to educate and empower you to achieve your goals and create the life you desire. Because women's voices matter.

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About our guest - 
Kerianne Mellott is a Marketing Coach and Social Media Expert with over 14 years experience. As the former Director of Social Media for eHarmony, she has an extensive background in leveraging social media platforms for business. Kerianne now works with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them overcome their fear of digital stage-fright. She coaches them on how to go "Live" so they can reach through the lens and pick up money on the table.

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