How did this passion come to exist?


Our founder, Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby, began teaching aerobics and group fitness in 1988. This opened doors to teach adult education and corporate wellness programs beginning in 1989, leading her to earn a B.S. in Nutrition and her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1999. 

The 10,000 rule states that in order to be good at something, you must do it 10,000 times. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Cathy has taught more than 70,000 hours on topics as diverse as fitness and finances, nutrition and mindset, business, marketing, and personal and professional development.

She has empowered more than 7 million people to create a healthier life for themselves and their families.

Because of her extensive knowledge, experience and passion for teaching, she has spoken in 9 countries, on many platforms that were previously not available to women speakers. Inspired by the League of Chiropractic Women, and touched by the stories of women who struggled to earn opportunities that were simply handed to their male colleagues, Dr. Cathy vowed to use her platform to bring awareness and opportunities to women of all backgrounds. 

She is a champion for women; opening doors, making connections, getting women coveted spots on prominent stages and platforms, and works tirelessly on multiple boards and with numerous organizations to bring new talent to light. She is affectionately known as the #1 speaking coach for women and truly embodies the culture of "collaboration, not competition" that permeates everything we do. Women's Voices Matter - to the women sharing their stories, to the ones in the audience listening, to the families who will have a better tomorrow because of something they heard, and most importantly to the boys and girls who will someday grow up to become adults that don't perpetuate the gender bias so prevalent today. 

Why do

Women's Voices Matter?


Women and girls are the poorest, most under-educated segment of the population worldwide. Limited access to education leads to poverty, and poverty often leads to limited access to education. It's a cycle, and it will require a massive, worldwide, concerted effort to break the cycle through education, jobs, empowerment, change in mindset and beliefs, increased opportunities and policy change.

We make up 50% of the population, and we want to learn from leaders we can relate to, who reflect our values, understand our struggles and can show us how to fulfill both our wants and needs.

When women feel confident in speaking their truth, it illuminates a path for others - women, men and children - to follow. As both nurturers AND providers, it is crucial that we are heard in the workplace, that our contributions are acknowledged, and our opportunities for advancement, recognition of efforts, and compensation are fair and on par with others having similar experience.

Empowered women empower women.

Your Voice Matters


We are the women who are defining success. We create opportunities. We develop our skills.

And we are shaping how things get done.

We are young, and old. We are quiet, and bold. We come in all shapes and sizes, from every background and different corners of the world. We are brilliant, beautiful, talented, and we are ready to make our voices heard.

If you've ever waited for your chance, wondered when you’d get asked to step up, or hoped for the opportunity to share your message...this is it!

Women's Voices Matter is connecting girls and young ladies who are shaping their lives with seasoned women who have blazed the trails and want to help others find a faster path to success, joy and fulfillment. 

You’ve got something to share; we all have something to learn.

This community is your community, and givers gain.

Want to grow your business, improve your speaking skills or advance an idea you’ve been working on? Share with the community and gain insightful feedback, make new friends and help create a network.

If this is the first time you're hearing about us - congratulations! You got picked first and made the cool team! But to be perfectly honest – we’re all part of the cool team – and that’s pretty awesome if you ask us!

So yeah, we’re the new kids on the block – but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see just how much experience and know how we collectively have amassed. Friends you know, names you’d like to know, and people you will grow to love - they’re all here. It’s impressive – because the women who are sharing their stories are just so amazingly awesome.

So come out on the limb with us. It’s where the best fruit is. And stick around for a while, because every month you’ll have new topics and fun challenges to help you grow personally, professionally, spiritually, physically, fiscally and philanthropically.


Share your story. Get feedback. Build your network.

Want to contribute to the blog, share your challenges and triumphs, or be a guest on one of our affiliated shows?  








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The Female Influencer Project

Each month, The Female Influencer Project delivers new and relevant content to help you transition from where you are to where you want to be. We take women from relative obscurity to becoming the go-to expert in their niche, which does require time and effort. If the day comes when you no longer feel the value from your membership, you may cancel at any time, provided you give us 30 days’ notice, by sending an email to [email protected]


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